My Years in Books

My 2021 in Books

Happy New Year! In 2021, I read 39 books. Not only did I achieve my target of 36 books, but I also exceeded it, and read the most books I have ever read in a year! At times, it seemed like 36 books was totally unattainable, but I pulled it back over the Summer, by… Continue reading My 2021 in Books


The Aesthete Blogger Award

Hello! Firstly, I want to say a big thank-you to Ceri from Read and Review It for nominating me for The Aesthete Blogger Award! I highly recommend that you check out her blog - it's definitely the place for you if you're after all things bookish! Award Rules Use the official logo/graphic of the award… Continue reading The Aesthete Blogger Award


Day 3! Review: Callum – Malorie Blackman

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐ Trigger Warnings: Guns; Violence Callum is effectively an alternative ending to Noughts and Crosses. This book's events fit seamlessly into the story's timeline, to the extent that Callum could have been the 'actual' ending! I also loved how it is so obvious where this book starts, in the context of the Noughts and… Continue reading Day 3! Review: Callum – Malorie Blackman


Day 2! Review: An Eye For An Eye – Malorie Blackman

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐ Trigger Warnings: Abortion; Gun violence; Racism; Shooting; Stalking An Eye For An Eye is a novella which gives us a glimpse into the events between Noughts and Crosses and Knife Edge. Despite being a short story, the tension and drama throughout An Eye For An Eye certainly made up for its size. Throughout… Continue reading Day 2! Review: An Eye For An Eye – Malorie Blackman


Day 1! Review: Noughts and Crosses – Malorie Blackman

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Trigger Warnings: Abduction; Alcohol use; Child abuse; Domestic abuse; Emotional abuse; Hanging/Lynching; Hate crimes; Mass murder; Racism; Rape; Suicide; Teen Pregnancy; Terrorism Noughts and Crosses is the opening novel in Malorie Blackman's bestselling Noughts and Crosses series. Noughts and Crosses' main feature is the relationship between Sephy Hadley (a Cross) and Callum McGregor… Continue reading Day 1! Review: Noughts and Crosses – Malorie Blackman


Announcement: Noughts and Crosses Challenge!

Hello! It is time to announce something very exciting! 👀👀👀 This is something that I have had planned for FOREVER, and I am soooo excited to finally be able to share this with everyone! If you have been reading my blog since last year, or if you have peeked through my archives to see what… Continue reading Announcement: Noughts and Crosses Challenge!

Monthly TBR

September 2021 TBR!

Hello! This month, my TBR is consisting of the books from my August TBR that I didn't get round to finishing, as well as another book which I have also been reading in August. Double Cross - Malorie Blackman “In that moment, we both desperately needed to touch and be touched. We both needed to… Continue reading September 2021 TBR!

Monthly Wrap-Up

Monthly Wrap-Up: August 2021 Books

Hello! In August, I finished 9 books and made progress on 5! The books that I finished are: The Desolations of Devil's Acre by Ransom Riggs; The Case of the Missing Treasure by Robin Stevens; The Case of the Drowned Pearl by Robin Stevens; Once Upon A Crime by Robin Stevens; Noughts and Crosses by… Continue reading Monthly Wrap-Up: August 2021 Books


Review: The Desolations of Devil’s Acre – Ransom Riggs

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Trigger Warnings: Alcohol consumption; Blood; Dead bodies; Death of a grandfather (recounted); Gore; Gun violence; Knife violence; Recreational drug use; Smoking; Strangulation The Desolations of Devil's Acre is the breath-taking conclusion (😭) to Ransom Riggs' #1 New York Times Bestselling Series: Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children. The world-building throughout The Desolations of… Continue reading Review: The Desolations of Devil’s Acre – Ransom Riggs

Monthly TBR

August 2021 TBR!

Hello! Once again, my TBR is looking a bit different. Instead of pinpointing three (or, in the case of last month, 12!) books that I would like to read, I have chosen a series to re-read this Summer. The series that I have chosen to re-read is Noughts and Crosses by Malorie Blackman, in preparation… Continue reading August 2021 TBR!