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Day 9! Dissecting The Blurb – Endgame


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16th SeptemberDissecting the Blurb – Endgame
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Words cannot even begin to explain how excited I am to read Endgame. I fell in love with this incredible series in March 2018, and it feels strange that it is coming to an end now.

All I know about Endgame is what has been shared on social media by Malorie Blackman, and the synopses online. I have not had any form of access to Endgame, including ARCs and proof copies, before its release date. Any predictions below that are correct are by pure coincidence.


Here is Endgame’s official blurb, taken from Amazon.

“The first Nought Prime Minister, Tobey Durbridge, is about to go on trial for the murder of notorious ganglord, Dan Jeavons. Tobey insists he is being framed. There were ten seats at Dan’s dinner party the night he was killed and each guest had their own reasons for wishing him dead.

Sephy Hadley was one of the guests that night. Haunted by the idea that she didn’t do enough to stop the death of her first love, Callum McGregor, Sephy will not sit quietly and wait for accusations to fall on her now. She has her children to protect . . .

It’s time that actions speak louder than words. Time that the truth is uncovered. Time for the Endgame.”

Here are my predictions for Endgame:

  • It will be explosive, tense, and action-packed. All five of Endgame’s full-length predecessors have been tense and action-packed throughout, and I can imagine that Endgame will be the same.
  • Sephy will be conflicted. This has been a running theme throughout Noughts and Crosses, over a range of decisions. It looks like she will be conflicted over her attendance at Dan Jeavons’ dinner party, and continually haunted by her decision over Callum McGregor’s life.
  • There will be heartbreak. Each Noughts and Crosses book has had heartbreak, of many forms, running throughout. This is highly likely to be caused by the racist laws and systems or the love and relationships between characters.
  • There will be flashbacks/jumps in the timeline. One of my favourite parts of Checkmate was the flashbacks running simultaneously to the main storyline, so I would love to see this included in Endgame. Noughts and Crosses also starts several years before the main storyline starts, so this is a possibilty for Endgame!
  • I will feel every emotion imaginable. The whole series makes me feel a range of emotions – anger and frustration to relief and happiness. This is one of the many things that I feel make this story so special, as well as the stories staying with me long after I’ve turned over the final page.
  • We will find out Libby and Troys’ fates. Ever since I read the end of Crossfire, I have been desperate to find out what happens to them, and if they will ever make it out of the cellar alive.
  • Endgame will be the most incredible end to Noughts and Crosses that we could ever ask for. Malorie Blackman has wrote this whole series incredibly, so I am 1000000% sure that Endgame will be absolutely incredible.

So, there are my predictions for Endgame! Hopefully my copy will be arriving today, and I cannot wait to read how this incredible story will end!

My final post for this challenge will be my review of Endgame!

Are you as excited for Endgame as I am? Have you made any predictions for it? Do you agree, or disagree, with my predictions? Let me know in the comments!

Thank you for reading this post.


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