Day 7! Review: Nought Forever – Malorie Blackman

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Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Trigger Warnings: Death; Gangs; Gun Violence; Injuries; Medical Care; Police Raids

Nought Forever follows the story of Dan Jeavons as he’s on the run from the police. Having been shot, he finds refuge in Eva’s house, leaving her with the decision of protecting Dan, or betraying him.

The plot is based on a simplistic idea, yet it is highly complex at the same time. Although a gap in the timeline becomes clear knowing the events of Crossfire, Nought Forever still fits seamlessly into the series’ timeline, as every event makes sense when considered how and why it happened the way that it did.

Unlike Noughts and Crosses’ full length novels which feature a multitude of characters, Nought Forever mainly features two characters. I really liked it how one character (Dan) we were already familiar with, whilst Nought Forever is the first time that we met Eva. This added to the tension, as I could try and guess how Dan would react in each situation, however I had no idea how Eva would react, or even what her thoughts would be surrounding her internal dillema over Dan.

At times, the tension in Nought Forever was too much – to the point that I wanted to look away and let it all unfold in front of me! Of course, this did not make it the easiest read, as I was desperate to know what would happen next, yet I was too scared to read on! Nought Forever also covers some sensitive and challenging topics, so I recommend approaching this book with caution.

Nought Forever was reminiscent of An Eye For An Eye, or Checkmate, in the sense that it was based on a stand-off between two characters. Although the situation and circumstances in Nought Forever were completely different to the two mentioned predecessors, this did make it very tense, as it was likely that only one character would make it out of the book alive!

Between Double Cross and Crossfire, a lot happens, so I really like it how Nought Forever takes the most important event from Crossfire to delve into, so that readers don’t feel lost when they start reading Crossfire, which is set several years after its predecessor. This definitely did help with the transition, as Dan’s ambiguity surrounding his injuries builds up tension when this matter is addressed in Crossfire.

Overall, I would recommend the Noughts and Crosses series to an audience aged 13+, as long as they feel comfortable reading about the trigger warnings listed at the top of this review.

Tomorrow’s post will be my review of Crossfire.

Thank you for reading this post.


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