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Author Interview: Annabelle Shaw


I’ve been very lucky to interview Annabelle Shaw, whose first book, Blonde Bitch, will be published on the 25th of June – just over two weeks away! I for one can’t wait!!

What first inspired you to start writing?

I’ve always loved words and reading books, I was bored in Lockdown and thought : why don’t I just give it a go? And then Blonde Bitch was created.

Who are some of your author inspirations?

I’ve always admired F.Scott Fitzgerald for the luxurious descriptions and characters he creates that aren’t so perfect after all. Also, Wattpad authors such as Laureline Ducros who had me enticed with every word. Other writers inspire me to be a better writer every day!

What are some of your favourite books?

Great Gatsby is my all time favourite it’s a classic! However I adore The Kiss Thief by L.J Shen and I can’t forget The Hunger Games which made me fall in love with literature completely.

How does it feel to be having your first book published?

It feels surreal. Like a dream that’s never ending. I am so grateful for this opportunity.

What advice do you have for aspiring authors?

I talk about this a lot on my website actually ( ). But my advice : write like no one is watching, or reading I should say. Write what people are too afraid to say ; that’s the start of a great book.

How did you come to find Silverwood Books?

I was searching online for private book editors, not having much luck and then I was recommended Silver Woods by a friend. So I applied and it all started from there.

Do you have any plans for future books?

I may be writing one currently…Repulsively Rich is now available to read on Wattpad (@annabellewrote) but who knows what the future holds! I will definitely keep writing though that’s for sure.

How much researching did you do before writing your book?

I didn’t research much actually, just what last names were ‘elegant’ and little things like that. Looking back I perhaps should have but at the time I just started to write and didn’t stop until the book was finished.

How long did it take you to write Blonde Bitch?

I wrote a chapter every day and published it on Wattpad so all in all it took me just over a month.

What has been your favourite part of the process of writing your first book?

Connecting and engaging with my readers and also other writers. Blonde Bitch was available on Wattpad before publication so hearing their feedback and thoughts was by far the best part for me. And of course picking the cover was so much fun!! I was in my creative element.

How would you describe Blonde Bitch in a sentence?

A look into the scandalous lives of the rich and famous teens and how everything is not always as perfect as it seems.

The cover of Blonde Bitch by Annabelle Shaw

I hope that reading this interview has inspired you to pick up Blonde Bitch when it comes out!

Thank you very much to Annabelle Shaw for giving up her time for this interview, and a massive congratulations on your first book being published!!

Thank you for reading this post.


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