Review: The Word-Keeper – Veronica del Valle

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Firstly, I would like to thank Veronica del Valle and SilverWood Books for sending me a free copy of The Word-Keeper in exchange for an honest review!

The Word-Keeper is a story which explores the power of language. I believe that this is a really powerful theme for a Children’s Book, and Veronica del Valle very cleverly presented this throughout The Word-Keeper.

When we open The Word-Keeper, we immediately encounter a map – which is the journey to Inkwell. I really liked this map, as I was constantly referring to it when reading about Florence’s journey to Inkwell, and imagining myself in each of the locations.

We then see a map of Inkwell, which is where most of the story is set. Again, I really liked this map, as I would refer to it whenever Florence’s movements around Inkwell were described. This really helped me to feel like I was a part of the story, as I could imagine each place that Florence visited. I also loved it how each street in Inkwell was named after a literary technique.

The Word-Keeper was a very gripping story throughout. The plot was packed with twists and turns, and I was left constantly wanting to know what would happen next. As the story raced towards the end, I kept on guessing and guessing how it would end. This is something that I do love in a book, as it makes me feel like I am a part of the story.

All the way through The Word-Keeper, I found the text style to be really engaging. Different font sizes were used to represent really loud noises, or noises gradually getting louder. I really liked this as it really helped to bring this story to life. Also, the subheadings throughout Florence’s journey to Inkwell made it very clear when she was moving on to the next stage of her journey. When I saw a new subheading, I would look back at the map and I would picture what the next stage would look like – whether that was The Great Grumbling Grassland, the Pathway of Pedantic Plum Trees, or anywhere else that Florence travelled through to get to Inkwell.

Something which I thought was really powerful in The Word-Keeper was the way that it incorporated many issues from today’s world – such as the negativity of gossip magazines, not being able to take words back, and body image. I thought that this was very important to talk about in a Children’s Book, as I think that is important that everyone is aware of these issues, and how they can be prevented.

Throughout The Word-Keeper, there are many beautiful illustrations, which bring the characters and the events to life. When reading The Word-Keeper, I was wondering if Florence maybe could have drawn them, as we know that she’s artistic from the fact that she makes a new bookmark for each book that she reads.

If I had to chose a favourite character in The Word-Keeper, I’d definitely choose Florence. She was such a strong character throughout, and she constantly faced each problem that she encountered with nothing but bravery and logic.

I highly recommend The Word-Keeper to everyone – regardless of age! Although The Word-Keeper is a Children’s Book, I believe that there is something in it for everyone.

Read my interview with Veronica del Valle, the author of The Word-Keeper here.

Have you read The Word-Keeper? Let me know what you thought of it in the comments!

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