Review: Slated – Teri Terry

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Trigger Warning: Sexual Assault

One of my friends recommended me this series a while ago and I’m so happy that I decided to read it! Slated was such a chilling and haunting book, as well as being so tense and so much happening in such a short space of time.

The story itself was ingenious. It was so cleverly crafted that I didn’t know what was going to happen, but I was guessing everything at the same time. There were certain parts of the book that sent shivers down my spine – it was so haunting and there were several times that I had to stop reading for a few seconds to comprehend what had happened.

I loved the flashbacks to Kyla’s past, as this led to me trying to connect everything together. It felt like there were two stories going on – Kyla’s chronologically described, present life and her jumbled past. This really gripped me as I was really getting caught up in Kyla’s main story, which I wanted to continue reading, then there would be a flashback (which ended on a cliffhanger)! So then I’d read on and on and on……… and before I knew it, I’d finished the book! As soon as I finished Slated, I immediately started Fractured, as I was dying to know what would happen next (especially with THAT ending!).

When I think about this book now that I’ve finished the trilogy (apart from the prequel, Fated, which I hope to buy soon), I’m finding so much more meaning in the flashbacks, which I love. This makes me want to re-read the series to see if I can build any more links throughout the series.

Slated was the first thriller book that I’ve read – I now know that this is definitely a genre that I need to explore more! I loved the way that I’d feel like a part of the story when I was reading it. At the same time though, I’m grateful that I wasn’t a part of the story because I found the Lorders very scary characters to read about 😂

As I progressed through this book, I loved it how everything was gradually unravelled, like more mysteries and suspense was being created throughout before it all cut out at the end… It felt like the more that I read, the less that I knew about what was happening, what had happened and what was going to happen. I really liked this element of Slated, as it constantly kept me guessing and I never knew what would actually happen next.

Overall, I highly recommend Slated to any Crime or Thriller fans, or anyone who wants to try something a bit different for their next book series!

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