Review: Rebel – Marie Lu

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Trigger Warnings: Gun Violence; Murder; Kidnapping; Knife violence; Rebellion themes; Stabbing; War themes

After I finished the Legend trilogy last year, I really wanted to know what would happen next – I had so many questions about what would happen, and if everything would continue the way that it was. Rebel answered all of these questions for me, and it certainly did not fail to disappoint.

I loved exploring Ross City and Antarctica more in this book, as we only spent a short amount of time there in the previous books. I will admit that I’d completely forgotten about Ross City’s level system before I read Rebel! There were several other small things that I’d forgotten since finishing Champion in March last year that I quickly remembered.

As Eden was so pivotal in the previous books in this series, I loved that this book was mostly focussed around his character, as it was very evident that he had more to tell than what happened in Legend, Prodigy and Champion.

Although Rebel was set 10 years after the events in Champion, it felt like Rebel had started just as Champion had ended – anything that needed explaining from the decade inbetween was quickly explained and it wasn’t long before I was swept up in this amazing book.

I also loved the darker elements of Rebel, as this had faint echoes to the previous three books. This built up A LOT of tension quickly and constantly left me guessing what would happen next (I was wondering if these echoes could be like a metaphor for what had previously happened in the series!).

Something completely random that I love about this series is the different fonts for each voice, whether it is Day, June or Eden!

I highly recommend that any fans of Legend, Prodigy and Champion read Rebel – it really advances everything that we know about the series and it is such an enjoyable read! I’m not going to go into details on this part but let’s just say that Day and June have several scenes together (take from that what you wish…)……………

Thank you for reading this post.


13 thoughts on “Review: Rebel – Marie Lu

  1. Great review! I think I read the first book in the trilogy and never got back to it, but I do remember really enjoying the book! I was so disappointed when I finished the first one and learned I had to wait another year to read the next, time certainly flies. I might have to pick up the trilogy and this book again! Thanks for sharing!

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    1. Thank you! Waiting ages for a sequel to be released really is the worst. I highly recommend the rest of the series, it just gets better and better! No problem, I’m glad you liked my review!


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