Review: When We Collided – Emery Lord

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Trigger Warnings: Absent parent; Bipolar disorder; Car accident (mentioned); Death of a parent; Depression; Heart attack; Self-harm; Psychiatric hospitalisation

I recieved When We Collided for Christmas, and it was the perfect book to round off my reading in 2020.

When We Collided covers many aspects of mental health, which I feel is really important in today’s world. I think that this is the first time that I have seen mental health so prominent in a book, which makes this book unique in the best possible way.

Jonah and Vivi’s story was so beautifully put together, and I loved the way that each chapter alternated from one of their viewpoints. This made me read on and on and on because I’d constantly have questions about what was going to happen next for both of them.

Similar to The Sun Is Also A Star, I felt that fate was a big running theme throughout this book. From Jonah’s family situation to Vivi’s mission towards the end of the book, this really gripped me throughout. With Vivi’s mission towards the end of the book, I kept on having multiple theories as to where it was leading her to! This is something that I did especially love, as I kept on guessing what I thought would happen!

Also, what is a romance novel without a soul-crushing ending?! As I was nearing the ending, I was suspecting what would ultimately happen but nothing could prepare me for how When We Collided ended. For anyone who is yet to read this book… you have been warned! 😂

I’m definitely going to read the rest of Emery Lord’s books – I’ve heard lots of good things about them and I can’t wait to read them!

Overall, When We Collided was an incredible book that I thoroughly enjoyed. I highly recommend it to any YA or contemporary/romance fans.

Have you read When We Collided or any other of Emery Lord’s books? What did you think of them? Let me know in the comments!

Thank you for reading this post.


12 thoughts on “Review: When We Collided – Emery Lord

  1. I have heard good things about this book from other people. After reading this review, I will definitely be adding it to my list. Thank you for sharing.

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