Review: El Principito – Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐

El Principito is a French children’s story that has been translated into many languages. I have read the Spanish translation of this book.

This was a story that I did overall enjoy, even if the storyline did seem a bit ‘lost’ in places. I found it to be a book where I wasn’t quite sure why everything was happening the way it was, until the final chapters where everything was rounded up. That being said, it was a sweet story that I feel is very apt for the children’s genre.

For me, the plot was split into three sections – the introduction part at the beginning, where we were being introduced to the characters; the middle, where the main stories were happening, and the end, where everything was wrapped up. I found that this was an interesting structure to the story, even if it did confuse me a bit.

Something that I did especially love about this story was all the idiomatic language, tenses and gems of the Spanish language. This did make very interesting reading, which I loved (being a Spanish nerd!). I did learn several useful phrases, and I found all the tenses used to be fascinating – I never really noticed how many different tenses can be used in such a short section of text! This is something I guess that we never notice in our own language as much as we do when reading in another language.

As I’ve mentioned above, I did find this book a bit confusing. The book started with one setting and plot, then moved onto a completely different thread for the majority of the book, before returning to the original plot in the final chapters of the book. I may have found this part confusing because I am still learning Spanish as a second language, so some elements may have been lost in the process of me translating it. But I did understand what the full plot of the book was as I was finishing it, and it was a very clever and thoughtful plot.

I do recommend this book to anyone wanting to improve their skills in foreign languages, as the language ranges from the more basic phrases and tenses to the more complex ones.

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