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The Unique Musical Theatre Tag is a tag post that I’ve found on Meg’s Magical Musings. I highly recommend that you check out this blog – it covers lots of topics from Musical Theatre to Spiritualism, and is a really interesting blog to read. As a Musical Theatre Lover, I thought that I’d give this tag post a try on my blog.

  1. Favourite Andrew Lloyd Webber Musical – Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat. I saw this musical when I was 10, and I loved every second of it. It is definitely one of my favourite musicals.
  2. Favourite Stephen Schwartz Musical – Wicked – my favourite musical ever!! I’ve seen it three times (once on tour and twice in London). Defying Gravity is my favourite song and the whole show is just magic.
  3. Favourite Golden Age Musical – The Sound of Music. I haven’t seen this show live, but I do really like the film.
  4. Favourite Contemporary Musical (starting in the 1980s) – Wicked! As my favourite musical, it has a very special place in my heart. The songs are all amazing, and nothing beats seeing Elphaba fly at the end of defying gravity.
  5. The Musical that sparked your love – Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat/Wicked. Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat sparked my love when I was 10, and Wicked sparked my love again, when I was 13. But it has been since I first saw Wicked that I have been a complete Theatre Nerd.
  6. Musical that made you passionate about musicals – Wicked/Les Miserables. Again, it’s quite difficult to pick just one musical for this question – I’ve been a Theatre Nerd since I first saw Wicked, but seeing Les Miserables heightened my love of musicals.
  7. A musical that should have never been made – I have loved every musical that I have seen, but if I had to choose, I would have to say Heathers. I haven’t seen Heathers, but I feel that the plot isn’t as strong as in most musicals (I’ve listened to some of the songs and read about the plot on Wikipedia). I do like a couple of the songs, but it just doesn’t appeal to me as a whole show. That being said, I’m sure that it is an amazing musical in its own rights, even though it doesn’t quite appeal to me.
  8. First Musical you remember seeing live – Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat. It was amazing, and I also was very lucky to meet some of the actors after the show at Stage Door.
  9. Favourite musical movie – Les Miserables. I love the Les Miserables film – the songs, the plot, everything. In a strange way, I love how different it is to the stage musical! Something that I do love about it is that I spot a lot of familiar faces in the ensemble parts. When creating the Les Miserables film, any previous cast members were invited top take part in the film – so I’ll watch it and see performers that I have seen in various other shows.
  10. A musical you didn’t like at first, but eventually you did – Les Miserables. About three or four years ago, I watched one of the concerts on DVD (I think it was the 25th Anniversary) and I didn’t pick up most of the plot. But I’m very happy that I gave it a second try when the BBC series was made in 2018 – since then, I have loved Les Miserables.
  11. First musical you saw in a Major Musical district (West End or Broadway) – The Lion King on the West End. I didn’t actually realise that I was seeing a West End show until about 6 months after I’d seen it! It was an amazing show, and I loved it so much. I haven’t been to Broadway yet, but I would like to one day…
  12. Example of an actor that really took you off guard – For this point, I’m going to say which actors really surprised me, in the best possible way. Alice Fearn and Sophie Evans as Elphaba and Glinda in Wicked, as they were both so amazing! I did know that they would be amazing, but there is a level of excitement that is felt in the theatre that can’t be replicated anywhere else. I was in awe the whole show – Alice Fearn’s riffs and Sophie Evans’ high notes were so amazing and magical throughout the show. I also loved Carrie Hope Fletcher in the Les Misérables concert, and the whole Les Misérables UK Tour cast (2018-2019).

Thank you for this amazing tag! I tag any musical theatre fans to answer these questions – feel free to either do this on your own blog or in the comments for this post. Let me know if you agree with what I’ve said for each question.



3 thoughts on “Unique Musical Theatre Tag – Meg’s Magical Musings

  1. Very funny- I would also agree with some of these.

    Well, my favorite Stephen Schwartz musical is 100% Wicked. Loved it since August 2006: my first ever experience with Wicked was at Gerswhin Theater with my mom. In addition, Wicked is the first musical I remember actually seeing.

    Golden Age- so Sound of Music. I grew up on that musical.

    Favorite contemporary- well, this is a double musical answer. Both Les Mis and Wicked deserve to be on this spot.

    Well, I actually did kinda of dislike Les Mis at first and soon fell in love with it. The film is how I began to fall in love with Les Mis. It wasn’t the first time, but the 2nd time when I fell in love with Les Mis. Les Mis is my favorite musical movie- the live singing, the combo of stage and hollywood actors, etc……. After that the 2nd chance is history: from six times with the stage show (community college (3x), West End, US Tour (2x).

    Crazily enough, it was Wicked/Les Mis that me passionate about musicals. Wicked sparked the love while Les Mis heightened it. I literally thought I knew musicals, but Les Mis challenged and disproved a lot of things I thought I knew about musicals.

    I actually did choose two musicals where I saw a musical at a major theater district. That is because I did that: Wicked on Broadway and Les Mis in the West End. Both times were dates with my mom. In London, while my mom and I were watching Les Mis, my sister and dad got to do their own thing.

    While we both had actors that took as off guard, there is something in common. Meaning- same musicals. Wicked belonged to Mary Kate Morrissey as Elphaba. Les Mis belonged to Joshua Grosso as Marius. Those two actors are when I was taken the first off guard by those two shows. Mary Kate Morrissey was only a standby when I saw her: from her more innocent voice to changing it to being more mature- however this is what really took me off guard: “No Good Deed”. That particular song was also emotionless- well, Mary Kate Morrissey finally made me appreciate that song and finally made me feel the emotions. Joshua Grosso- well, what exactly happens when your favorite character in the love triangle is Eponine, but the strongest actor is Marius? That is exactly what happened to me.

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    1. We do have similar answers for this tag! I haven’t been to see a Broadway show yet, but I hope I will be able to in years to come. There is something really magical about completely being taken off-guard by an actor, for me, it adds to all of the excitement of watching a musical. Hannah


      1. Most musicals I see are Broadway Tours- might live in the US, but too far away from NYC.

        Blumenthal Shows I Saw (only those I love): some were also seen outside of Blumenthal

        1. Wicked- 3x at Blumenthal
        2. Les Mis
        3. Newsies
        4. Aladdin
        5. Lion King
        6. Rent
        7. Pippin
        8. Sound of Music

        This year really hoped to see Anastasia and Frozen, but the pandemic got in the way. They haven’t been rescheduled yet. Hopefully Hadestown will happen: after all, it is coming October 2021.

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