10 ways that you can support UK Theatres during their closure

With it being highly unlikely that curtains will be up across the country this side of 2021, here are 10 ways that you can support theatres across the United Kingdom.

1. Buying ‘The Show must Go On’ Merchandise. Formed from letters of logos of some of London’s biggest shows, this merchandise range covers tops to notebooks to stationery. All money raised is split between Acting for Others, Theatre Support Fund, NHS Urgent Appeal and Fleabag Support Fund. This merchandise range is so beautiful and cleverly put together.

2. Signing UK Parliament Petitions. In the UK, if a petition on the UK Parliament site gets a certain number of signatures, then it will be discussed in Parliament. This is a relatively simple way to help theatres, as you just need to add your name to a petition.

3. Buying tickets to online workshops/concerts. By doing this, performers can continue to do what they love – whether this is by teaching or by performing. I have attended one online workshop and six online concerts, and this has been a lovely way to reconnect with theatre in its extended period of closure. Something nice about online concerts and workshops is that it is accessible to everyone, from all around the world.

4. If you are able to, by donating to charities. By donating to charities such as Acting for Others, this will help any members of the industry who are struggling for any reason during the shutdown. Several collaboration videos have been made to raise money for charities, which have been lovely to watch.

5. Sharing positivity on Social Media. At a time like this, many theatre performers will probably be worried about when they’ll next be able to do what they love – if ever. Even just an appreciation post for your favourite performer could mean a lot to them.

6. Attending socially distanced theatre events. The only way that any of us will be able to attend a theatre again will be if the trialled performances are deemed ‘safe’. So if you can and you are happy to, attending a trial event could help theatres more than you may realise.

7. Reading up about the current situation for UK Theatres. By educating yourself on what funding UK Theatres have currently, what is needed, or anything else about the current situation, this may inspire you to start a petition, or contact people to make a positive difference in the world of theatre.

8. If you have a blog/social media account, post about how to help Theatres on there. By doing this, you are spreading knowledge of the issues faced to a wider audience, that maybe haven’t thought of the situation in that way. When you widen the audience of an issue, this will encourage more people to help to make a positive difference for the UK Theatre industry.

9. Not spreading click-bait headlines. We’ve all seen click-bait headlines where the situation is made to seem worse than it actually is, just for more views and/or followers. Just don’t do this. Not only does it not help theatres at all, but it also is really bad for the cast an crew of the show. Especially that several shows (which I will not name) have announced that they will not be reopening this year on social media before having the courtesy to tell their cast.

10. Staying positive. Although it may seem like theatres will never reopen, it is really important to stay positive. By doing this, we’ll think that theatres will return, and then theatres will return.

I hope that this post has inspired you to help UK Theatres to return. I can’t wait until the day when my Twitter feed is regularly filled with behind-the-scenes photos, people making their debuts in their dream shows and roles, and stage door photos. But until then, we’ve got to all do as much as we can to help Theatres return.



3 thoughts on “10 ways that you can support UK Theatres during their closure

  1. Throughout the moment the US Theaters closed, I stayed optimistic. Despite the tours of Anastasia and Frozen being postponed, I at least know they are going to come back. The only question is when? That hasn’t been figured out yet. Hopefully Belk and Ovens will open by October 2021: that is when Charlotte is getting Hadestown. Only one part of Blumenthal is open: The Square at Spirit Square: it is a small outdoor stage: events like PoetrySlam happen there.

    However to go to symphonies, ballets, operas, and musicals- you need Belk Theater and Ovens Auditorium. Those two are the biggest Blumenthal theaters. Belk is the main Blumenthal theater, but crazily enough, Ovens is the much bigger theater.

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    1. I agree with you that it is very important to stay optimistic in times like these, and that the question is when they can come back safely. & Juliet has announced that it will be shut until March next year, and various other shows have extended their closures. Hopefully theatres will open soon, as long it is safe to do so for everyone involved. Hannah


      1. Blumenthal still hasn’t said a thing about Potted Potter and Wicked- the last two musicals coming this year. Wicked was the final musical I want to see this year, but wouldn’t be disappointed if that doesn’t happen. Based on the fact that Nutcracker is cancelled, there is a chance Wicked will be too- after all Wicked is at the biggest Blumenthal theater

        My eyes are a lot more focused on Hadestown- hopefully October 2021 is enough time for Blumenthal to open up Belk and Ovens.

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