Review: Death Sets Sail – Robin Stevens

Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Trigger Warnings: Blood; Drowining (mentioned); Murder; Poisoning (mentioned)

*This review contains no spoilers*

Wow. I have no words. I think I felt every emotion possible during reading Death Sets Sail. Happy, sad, scared – you name it. This is the fastest I have EVER read a book (under 12 hours). If it wasn’t for the fact that I had to sleep, I would not have put this book down at all until I’d finished.

At the end of a series, you want a big finish. Something to make the series go out with a bang. Well, Robin Stevens did just that with Death Sets Sail. Packed with suspense throughout, and unimaginable twists and turns, Death Sets Sail was without a doubt the best book in the Murder Most Unladylike series.

I’d like to show some appreciation for the cover of Death Sets Sail. The gold foil on the front, with the pictures and text is stunning. As the back cover is dark blue, this is almost like a nod back to where Daisy and Hazel started in Murder Most Unladylike, with more complex and dangerous murders now. The indigo sprayed edges are also beautiful.

The denouement was unbelievable and incredible. I had no idea where it was going – I was reading it thinking ‘It was X! No, now it was Y! Maybe it was X and Y! Or maybe it was neither of them!’. Usually, when reading Murder Most Unladylike books, I will try and think about who I think the murderer is – but this time, I was reading so quickly that I didn’t have any time to make my prediction of who I thought the murderer was. And then, as for what happened immediately after the denouement. I won’t go into too much detail here to avoid spoiling the book for people who haven’t read it, but I was in complete shock, I couldn’t believe what was happening. From that moment on, I didn’t quite know what I wanted to happen next – I was so shocked. But Death Sets Sail, and the Murder Most Unladylike series ended so amazingly, and I thought that the end chapter was a dream at first.

And finally, thank you to Robin Stevens for this amazing book series. Just before Christmas 2015, I was recommended Murder Most Unladylike in Waterstones. I recieved Murder Most Unladylike for Christmas, and I remember reading the first part, up until Hazel found Miss Bell’s body, and then telling my English teacher the next day that ‘I’ve started an amazing book, and I can’t put it down!’. From there, I bought Arsenic for Tea and First Class Murder. Since then, I’ve been in bookstores as soon as I could get to one after a Murder Most Unladylike book was released, and I’ve loved the series throughout. Each chapter has gripped me throughout, maybe reading a bit later at night than I should have been. Almost five years later, I am so happy that I have continued reading the series, even though I do now fall outside of the age bracket for Murder Most Unladylike books (but I do find them scary in places, so I am still suitable to read them!! 😂). Thank you so much for writing this incredible series. From unwrapping Murder Most Unladylike on the 25th December 2015, to finishing Death Sets Sail on 7th August 2020, thank you. Murder Most Unladylike will forever be one of my favourite book series ever. Roll on 2022 and The Ministry of Unladylike Activity!

I hope that you have enjoyed my daily Murder Most Unladylike posts – I hope you’ve enjoyed reading my posts as much as I’ve loved writing them. There is still one more Murder Most Unladylike review to write – at Christmas, I will be reviewing Mistletoe and Murder.


Thank you for reading this post.



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