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How to get into reading

So many people want to start reading, but can’t find the right book for them. For me, reading has always been a love of mine, but I have frequently struggled to find books that I would enjoy reading. The biggest advice I can give on finding books to read is to take recommendations from everyone: friends; family; teachers; bookstores or the internet. The majority of my favourite books have been recommended to me, and despite me initially thinking that I would not like the books, I have grown to love them. For example, some friends recommended me the Throne of Glass series by Sarah J. Maas, so I borrowed the first book (Throne of Glass) from my local library. However, I didn’t understand the book, so I stopped reading it after the first chapter. Through doing further research about the book, I realised that it was a retelling of Cinderella, which then caused me to borrow the book from a friend – and I fell in love with the series.

The website Goodreads is also excellent at recommending books. Not only does it let you choose different genres so it can recommend books based on your preferences, but it also allows you to set a reading goal for the year, as well as connecting with your favourite authors. Goodreads is the heart of the book community. To access this website, you will need to create a free account. As mentioned earlier, Goodreads allows you to set a reading goal for how many books you would like to read that calendar year. After setting my challenge, I mark on my calendar the dates that I should be finishing a book – so I can stay on track with my target for that year. Goodreads also gives you the option to ask authors questions about their books. This is useful for clarifying details about the plot, asking about sequels or just asking any question about their book(s). Goodreads is also a friendly community, so if you find another user who likes similar books to what you like, feel free to drop them a message to compare book interests. You can also review books on Goodreads, which will help others to decide if they should read the book. Here is a post about how to get the most out of Goodreads.

Also, I very strongly recommend just diving headfirst into any book that interests you. I frequently spend ages in bookstores, browsing the books available (as well as making sure that series of books are in order!). Don’t feel confined by a specific genre or author – books are truly limitless. Chances are, the staff in bookstores are avid readers as well as you, so ask them for suggestions. If you don’t like a book, that’s OK, different books suit different people!

As film adaptations of books are becoming increasingly common, I find that I will watch a film, then buy the book to compare how the plot and characterisation differs between the two interpretations. Here is my post discussing film adaptations of books.

I have also written a series of Discussion posts where I recommend books by genre.

So, this is probably the best advice I can give for getting into reading. Reading is truly for everyone, and in the modern climate, could there be a better way to destress than by escaping into another world for a couple of hours, and focussing on another person’s life?

Please comment if there are any other ways that you got into reading, or found books that you loved!



2 thoughts on “How to get into reading

  1. I always loved to read- I have loved fantasies since I was a child. Now, I can add classics to that mix. Part were required, part your recommended, and part you choose to read it.

    Just sometimes it is figuring out what to read- when you know, you need to buy a new one. That is not easy. Park Road Books and Malaprops are two independent bookstores that I love- both are in North Carolina. Park Road Books are really good at recommending books. At Malaprops- literally, there is this section where the books are wrapped up in brown paper, and all you see are adjectives: so literally it is “blind book” thing.

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