Hello Everyone!

Through reading some other book blogs, I have seen quite a lot of ‘tag’ posts, and I thought that this might be simething fun to do on this blog.

Book bloggers: Please could you vote on the poll at the bottom of this page to say whether or not this would be something you’d be interested in doing, and if you’d be willing to continue on your blog.

I do also have a few questions about doing a tag post.

  1. Are bloggers notified when they are tagged in a post? Or do I need to contact them separately?
  2. What type of tag would you be interested in?

Please do vote/comment with your thoughts.


2 thoughts on “Poll

  1. Hi Hannah!
    A blogger will be notified if you tag them in something (using their @ on Twitter/Instagram, or by sharing a link to their blog on WordPress).
    There are lots of tags floating around, from bookish ones to general blogging ones, so I’m sure that people would be interested in either type! I’ve answered a few which I’ll link below (you can find the tags at the bottom of the page)
    – Hannah / https://hannnahsbookshelf.wordpress.com/musings/

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