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Recommending by Genre: Dystopia

Hi everyone!

In this post, I will be recommending my favourite dystopian books.

Red Queen (series) – Victoria Aveyard:


Recommended reading order: Red Queen -> Queen Song -> Steel Scars -> Glass Sword -> King’s Cage -> War Storm

I recommend this series for age 13 and up, as the language can be a bit difficult to understand in places.

This series is about the fight for equality between normal people with red blood, and elite people with silver blood. The main character is Mare Barrow, who has red blood, but a power that could forever destroy the imbalance in equality.

I don’t feel that I can choose my favourite book in the series, as I have not yet finished it.

Noughts and Crosses (series) – Malorie Blackman:

Noughts and Crosses series

Recommended order of reading: Noughts and Crosses ->An Eye For An Eye -> Callum -> Knife Edge -> Checkmate -> Double Cross -> Nought Forever -> Crossfire -> Endgame

I recommend this series for ages 13 and up, as it contains several romance plots, as well as racism and other difficult themes.

I probably haven’t said this nearly enough times on this blog, but Noughts and Crosses is my favourite series of all time. Please note, that I view this book as dystopian because segregation still exists, and the world they live in is considerably worse than the world that we live in today, for Noughts and Crosses alike. There is just something so captivating about this series – when I read it for the first time in March 2018, it raised so many issues that I wasn’t aware of. Without spoiling anything, one of thesed moments was when some Noughts need a plaster. However, the plaster is dark, as Crosses are the ‘elite’ race in this book. This then made me think of how there are still some issues in society that should be fixed. Although this series is based around a romance, I’d say that it is mainly political, and a fight for equality between the Noughts and the Crosses.

Best book in the series: CHECKMATE!!!

Ink (series) – Alice Broadway:


Recommended reading order: Ink -> Spark -> Scar

I recommend this series for ages 13 and up.

In Saintstone, every action is tattoed on your skin. Secrets are impossible. Leora is looking through her father’s skin book when she finds the mark of a criminal, so she sets out to find the truth about her father. Not only is this series beautifully written, but the covers are also stunning. It’s quite difficult to give a brief summary of this series without ruining anything, so you might have to go onto Goodreads and read the synopsis there.

Best book in the series: Ink

Legend (series) – Marie Lu:


Recommended reading order: Legend -> Prodigy -> Champion -> Rebel

I recommend this series for ages 13 and up.

As a mysterious virus sweeps through the Republic of America, Day and June are on the run. Day is a criminal, wanted by the Republic and June is a prodigy, who got 100% in the trials. They are drawn together, but Day comitted the crime that June had sworn to avenge. What drew me to this series was that it is a retelling of Les Misérables, which is one of my favourite musicals. If I hadn’t known this before reading the series, I wouldn’t have realised, as there are some subtle clues that link to the legendary musical.

Best book in the series: Champion

So these are my favourite dystopian books. What are your favourite dystopian books? Please comment with your thoughts.

Thank you for reading my blog. My next review will be A Court of Thorns and Roses by Sarah J Maas.



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